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Take quizzes an maintain a copy of the results. All quizzes must be 8 out of 10 answers correct. When you have taken all four year quizzes forward them to me. I will then contact you about graduation.

Masters and Doctorates must be paid in full before taking glasses and completing assigned work. Please be ready to pay when you contact me, no scholarships or free glasses are available at these levels.

Bethany Christian College

We are Bethany Christian College – a division of End Times Church and End Times Bible Teaching Ministries. We offer FREE Bible Online College courses at times during the year ( we are full now) to those interested in Bible training who cannot afford the traditional routes.

We also offer ministerial degrees that are more affordable than traditional universities and other programs. Ministerial licensing is an option for those interested in furthering their abilities to be used in the Kingdom of God.

We offer the bachelor and master of theology degrees along with a doctorate in theology. Get you Masters of Theology or your Doctor of Theology with us in a minimum of time!


I am a Missionary presently in the states. I start Bible schools and help establish them by teaching and directing them. I have been following CK for about a year. It was a relief to find someone who could answer some questions. I’m a real student of the Bible and a Bible College teacher. But I would not teach on some of these subjects, because I also lacked understanding in depth. But through prayer God brought me to Dr. CK Quarterman’s teachings and they have made things come into order and sense. I do not know of more sound thoughtful teachings then his on these subjects. Most theologians refuse to touch these much needed subjects. THANK YOU SO MUCH MR. QUARTERMAN!

Forestine Smith Director of International Victory Bible Institute

Free and Paid Bible College Courses
Bethany Bible College

Bethany Christian College was founded for the purpose of providing courses of study through the Internet. Bethany prepares students for the work of the Gospel ministry. Moreover, it is not necessary move to a distant city to earn your degree. You can now study through our Internet Bible courses.

Be thoroughly prepared. Therefore, Bethany Christian College has prepared a well thought out program of study in the fields of Bible, Theology, Pastoral, and Ministry. Every student who is thoroughly prepared for his or her respective ministry will generally find doors opened on the basis of proven competence. You can gain this competence through Bethany’s Internet program of study.

Bethany is focused on the essentials of the Christian ministry. We have sought to select the proper courses of study required for Pastoral Ministry. These courses were chosen on the basis that they will make it possible to learn those things necessary for the work of the ministry in a timely fashion. Moreover, a student may enroll into Bethany’s Internet program of study any time during the year, complete the requirements for graduation, then attend the graduation exercise held in Greenville, SC.

Bethany is convenient for the student by providing an affordable Christian education; allowing the student to study at his or her own pace and earn a Bible College Degree at home. This allows the student to study around their work and family schedules. In addition, many current pastors find Internet programs ideal, in that they can gain additional biblical knowledge and earn a Masters or Doctorate degree without taking time away from their pastoral duties. Some pastors are able to incorporate what they are studying into current sermons, saving even more time.